randylandRandylandLA is the creation of the celebrated outsider artist Randlett (Randy) King Lawrence. TV Networks have broadcast his vast glass artwork to hundreds of millions of viewers in North America, Latin American, North Africa, Europe and the Mid-East.
Telemundo, Al-Arabiya, the Pivot Network, the Home and Garden channel, and America’s Community Network are among those celebrating the glass art of RandylandLA. The artist and his work has also been hailed in the press, including the LA Times, the LA Weekly, The Daily Trojan, Tidings, and by the Fowler Museum at UCLA. His art has also been featured on many websites including ThrillList.com and Atlas Obscura.com.

   Beyond creating RandylandLA, he has worked on hundreds of films and television shows including Mad Men, Star Trek,  Lincoln, The Odd Couple, Weeds, and Thor.
    His father was an army lieutenant colonel and Russian language specialist who fought in World War II and Vietnam. His mother comes from a pioneer Arizona farm family in the Apacheria near the Mexican border. After retirement from a career in recreational therapy for the mentally ill, she helped create and direct the  Central Oregon Library District.