¬† ¬† RandylandLA is home to the Phantasma Gloria, the world’s first massive mosaic made of many large lenses suspended in air with open spaces in between. One can see the sky (shrunken & upside down) inside more than a thousand large lenses.
¬† ¬†TV Networks have broadcast the Phantasma Gloria ¬†to hundreds of millions of viewers in North America, Latin American, North Africa, Europe and the Mid-East. Telemundo, Al-Arabiya, the Pivot Network, the Home and Garden channel, and America’s Community Network are among those celebrating the glass art of RandylandLA. The artist and his work has also been hailed in the press, including the LA Times, the LA Weekly, The Daily Trojan, Tidings, and by the Fowler Museum at UCLA. RandylandLA has also been featured on many websites including ThrillList.com and Atlas Obscura.com.
¬† ¬†The Phantasma Gloria is 50 feet long and towers more than 37 feet over the street. It features the Virgin of Guadalupe, complete with enormous cobalt blue wings. Still, the ¬†Phantasma Gloria ¬†isn’t finished. Soon a giant glass pagan goddess (with a big glass sun-burst in her belly) will stand next to the titanic Virgin of Guadalupe, just so nobody feels left out.
    Three documentaries have been made to date about the artist and his work.
¬† ¬† These are “The Yin and the Yang of Randy Lawrence,” “Randyland” and “The Phantasma Gloria.”
NOTE: To make art out of everyday life, and to raise funds for the Phantasma Gloria, Randy also makes sublime photo prints of his sky-catchers as well as iconic art on t-shirts.  Here you can see (and buy) breathtaking glass art prints and iconic hand made t-shirt art.
Thanks in advance for helping Randyland bring the world joy and inspiration!
    Randyland began in a blaze of blue light. I clearly remember standing at my kitchen window.  Instead of doing the dishes, I stood staring at a cumulous cloud rising over the snow-capped San Gabriel mountains that loom over foothills studded with palm trees.
¬† ¬† ¬†That’s when something strange caught my eye. It was a tiny blazing pale blue light.
 On my window sill, inside a blue tear-drop shaped water bottle, the tiny blue light blazed.  I leaned close and peered inside the bottle. To my utter astonishment, inside that bottle I saw the same vast vista I just  described, shrunken and upside down!
 And the tiny bright light? It was the sun itself. A tiny version of the sun itself blazed bright in the small upside down sky.
   At that moment I understood for the first time refraction in action.   That sight changed my life. I realized that a convex glass bottle filled with water refracts light in the exact same way as a large lens, or a crystal ball! No wonder crystal balls are associated with magic.
In a flash I realized I could make an enormous miraculous mosaic composed of a thousand shining suns. It became The Phantasma Gloria, the world’s first mosaic made of many large lenses suspended in air. You can see the sky shrunken and upside down inside each large lens. That’s why I call this new kind of mosaic a Sky Catcher, ¬†While the basic element of a conventional mosaic is a ceramic tile, the basic element of a Sky Catcher is ¬†the sunlit sky, shrunken ¬†and upside down (inside a thousand large colored lenses).
   Once I understood that it was possible to make a Sky Catcher, an urge surged inside me to do it.
From that time onwards an intense desire to make  giant sky catchers (aka large lens mosaics) has burned inside me.
Since then I’ve made hundreds of Sky-Catchers, as you will see on this site. And I’ll make thousands more before I’m through.
    I personally design and make by hand all the art in RandylandLA, including each iconic t-shirt design.
You will find that wearing one of my t-shirt designs will get lots of positive attention and a good many compliments!
Using a unique method I  invented, each t-shirt is itself a unique work of art, unlike any other.  So for small orders please give me a week to make the t-shirt art. Larger orders will take a little longer.